Today marks the 2nd birthday of our favourite baby fashion icon, Harper Seven. Whilst some people may say she’s entered the ‘terrible twos’, we think she still looks super cute and as stylish as ever. But what will she be getting for her birthday?!

Styling out Stella McCartney, Marc Jacobs and Vivienne Westwood on a regular basis, as well as these gorgeous Chloe shoes, she has a wardrobe any fashion guru would envy and this is after only 24 months of being alive!

Being the youngest and only girl of the Beckham children, there’s no doubt she’s got a slightly cosier space in both her parents’ hearts. Mum, who has been so very well accepted into the high-fashion arena will most likely be dressing up her daughter. So what will Dad be doing?  Well, he gives her all the attention she needs afterwards. You can see evidence of this happening here.

This little tyke is dominating baby fashion; rocking all the latest trends and even starting her own labels whilst maintaining her age and cuteness.

As for presents then, well, as much as we would love to think that Harper lives and breathes fashion with her wardrobe, we’re pretty sure playing will be at the top of her mind today. So perhaps a trip to Disneyland as a birthday treat?

Anyway, have a good one Harps!


Happy Birthday Harper!

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