I say blame it on Harper and Suri, childrenswear is BIG and now worth 500 Million in the UK alone. It’s all about what the children are wearing and we all know it! I for one, am a huge fashion fan and I live for children’s fashion.
Children’s fashion has got so big that we saw our first Global Kids Fashion Week in London. It was a big success and I can see it growing every year.
Armani, Missoni, Marc Jacobs – are a few of what the coolest kids are wearing right now.
I love everything about Global Kids Fashion Week. Welcome to the Fashion world, Toddler-Style.
To be honest I never really wore ‘high end’ designer labels before I had children so I like to splurge on clothing for them.
I mean I got Emilyn a whole Chloe outfit for well under £100! Who wouldn’t say yes to that?
In the past few years some of the most fabulous high end designers have jumped on the kidswear wagon; for example Dole, Gucci, Stella, Chloe, Fendi, to name a few.

[ Inside the baby wardrobe ]

I personally LOVE shopping in outlets like Bicester Village to snap up the baby designer deals. The bargains I have had, have come in cheaper than a dress from the high-street shop NEXT.
Children’s fashion definitely does trends- this season. Oversized punk and checks are BIG NEWS.
I personally love that my children look fashionable. I pride myself in having two trendy Tots and I enjoy searching for new clothes for them.
Emilyn is almost 4 years old. She already has a good eye for clothes & frequently dresses herself. Her own Wardrobe is full of DKNY, Chloe, Ralph Lauren, Vivienne Westwood, and Burberry, to name a few… I love the comments from people too, as they are always complimenting on how well my children are dressed. Hugo often gets mistaken as a little rock star. Strutting his stuff in his Diesel Jeans, UGG boots, Stella McCartney top & Blazer. He is a little Rockstar and loves the attention from the ladies.
I know a lot of people don’t see the point in spending money on designer clothes for children and would happily dress them in High- Street only. I do mix and match but I enjoy designer clothes. I’m not harming anyone in this process and they will grow up soon enough. I know I am perhaps asking for trouble, obviously the older they get, the more expensive they will become. Emilyn has already asked for a new pair of Vivienne Westwood Mellisa sandals as her feet are too big for the other ones. Again if I go to Clarks I will spend £40? So why not splurge on a pair for her?
It is perfect having a girl and a boy, especially as my girl is a girly girl who loves dressing up like a princess. Her wish is my command.
I suppose it is like having two little dolls to dress up daily. I no longer shop for myself, there’s way too temptation when it comes to buying clothes for them.
It doesn’t just stop at clothes for me either I’m all about Buggies- Bugaboo to be precise, I Treated Hugo (myself) to the Missoni Hood and blanket for the Bugaboo bee plus the Andy Warhol Cars hood. I know I can’t use them both at the same time but they are beautiful.

So what have we learnt? Baby fashion is BIG and let it last. I’d love to see more Baby Fashion shows with the tot brigade toddling down and twirling here & there… the tantrums would just add to the magic.

Guest blogger: Bex from busybeemummybex

Designer Tots and Fun Shopping

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