The main thing that springs to mind is warmth and keeping little ones warm in freezing temperatures is essential. Selecting a coat that is filled with a down/feather blend or a mix of wool with fleece lining could be a wise move. Check the care labels or read online descriptions carefully, to make sure you understand what the product is made of.


A little girl still needs to be stylish so looking at the length and shape of jackets and coats comes next. If a coat is too long or big and baggy in the arms, it can start to look frumpy and dowdy. Coats can definitely be cool and still provide warmth.


A winter coat should be bought to last for the season so one that can be worn in various weather conditions would be a sensible choice. Some coats and jackets are complete with removable body warmers or extra fur lining which is honestly worth looking out for. The weather conditions in the UK can be completely unpredictable, making this more of an important factor.


With jumpers, gloves, scarves and thick cardigans on the list, winter can be expensive. It is vital to do you research and shop around for the best coats and jackets before purchasing. Online offers are usually the best and comparison sites can help with your purchasing decisions. If there are any buy one, get one half price offers on designer clothing, snap them up as two coats is always better than one.

Designer names

This is a simple statement to make but designers do have their own way of making things and some can be better than others. If you buy a Ralph Lauren coat that will last you for more than one winter, it is worth considering as cheaper versions can fall apart quickly after a few wears.

Here are a couple we like at Harper Seven Style

Ralph Lauren Jacket in Pink

A light weight Chelsea jacket is perfect for the days that are a little warmer but still expected to be miserable. The bright colour of fuchsia pink and the gold buttons makes this jacket a stunning alternative to a dull every day rain jacket.

 Chloe – A Big Hit With Harper Beckham

A neutral coloured coat in a biscuit colour from Chloe. The quilted fabric provides warmth and the coat also features a detachable hood, a frontal zip fastening, two pockets and popper buttons to keep the neck fully covered. It is super stylish, complete with a defined camel ribbon edging.

5 Things To Look For In a Mini Winter Coat

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