1. Mini DrMartens
Harper Seven was pictured wearing a pair of purple skinny jeans and a pair of mini DrMartens classic black boots recently, clearly showing off her punk princess side. Whether in the park with Daddy David or out on a shopping trip with Victoria, these boots appear to be a favourite.

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2. Melissa Sandals
Mini Melissa’s are also hot on the list as Harper was spotted showcasing various styles towards the end of summer. From cute cat faces to loud strawberry patterns, these fun sweet smelling shoes have been a winner with Harper.

3. Chloe Boots
From a tiny baby to her toddler years, Harper has always been dressed in Chloe and the outfit wouldn’t be complete without a pair of simple Chloe booties. I’m sure Victoria has a whole closet full of colours.


4. Nike Trainers
We all remember the custom made Nike trainers that were obviously heavily influenced by her sportsmen daddy David, who always wants the best for his cherished daughter. These will definitely be a number one choice when playing in the park or going along to watch her older brothers play football.

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5. Burberry Pumps
Burberry is another favourite designer of the female Beckham duo and we often see Harper in formal dresses and cute soft leather Burberry ballet pumps, complete with ultra-feminine bow detailing and ankle straps.

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We have also heard on the grapevine that Harper is now the proud owner of a pair of classic Mickey shoes from the Vans Disney collection and we can see these being glued to her feet throughout Autumn/ Winter.

As Harper grows, this shoe collection will get bigger and bigger…. Be prepared!

Harper Beckham’s Five Footwear Fave’s

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