xmas gifts

Christmas gifts

1. This elegant notebook is perfect for scribbles and notes from Mum. Handmade in England, it comes in a handy A5 size with unique glittery edged lined pages. Colours available: pale pink or turquoise.

2. These really cute cloud pyjamas make a cosy gift. Made from a soft cotton blend, they feature a button detailing, ribbed cuffs and an elasticated waist. Sweet Dreams

3. For every child with an imagination and those who enjoy play time, the cowboy wigwam provides the perfect cosy but fun environment for children to carry out role play. This item is available from the Gift Library.

4. This extra Large Miffy Nightlight by Mr Maria gives off a warm glow and is the perfect night light during bedtime stories. Dimensions: L:25cm, W:25cm, H:50cm

5. Steiff bears are the most traditional and long lasting soft toys on the market and we absolutely love this beautiful Arco Polar Bear. It makes an extra special gift for any child this Christmas.

6. Harper has been seen sporting a few pairs of UGG boots over the winter and we think these Daniel Harwell boots should be on the gift list for little mini fashion queens.

7. Another item for the fashionable mini lady, this Marc Jacobs red faux-fur leather bag is perfect for a little girl who likes to stand out in the crowd. It also has a safe fastening to ensure belongings don’t escape.

8. If you are treating a little princess, you can never go wrong with a dolls house and we love this traditional style wooden house which is bright and colourful, Strawberry Villa is painted white on the outside, with blue shutters and a red door and roof.


Harper’s Stylish Christmas Gift Guide

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